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"Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise." ~ George Washington Carver

Colored Boer Goats

y60valaridoeling800x600We specialize in black and red Boer Goats.

We run a strong, vigorous commercial goat herd.

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Alberta Colored Boer Goat Breeder


Canadian Boer Goat Ranch

We are proud Canadian boer goat ranchers who’ve been in the business of raising quality boer goat breeding stock since 1990. Lately, we’ve been focused on developing a line of performance based colored Boer goats – particularly blacks and solid red boer goats.  Color certainly isn't everything, but it's really something!

Our Alberta based boer goat ranch and mixed farming operation is located in the Glory Hills of North Central Alberta between Stony Plain and Onoway at the beginning of the Alaska highway.

We run a strong, vigorous commercial goat herd. We strive to combine performance traits with good conformation and expect our does to raise healthy market-weight boer goat kids under the tough weather conditions and challenges of life in northern Canada.

We have three main criteria – performance, performance, performance –  good looks are just an added bonus that completes the package.

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